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Our founder, Alex Spangler, had a dream to ensemble a team of the best designers and visual creators to work together and overcome anything thrown at them. His journey started when he got his first Samsung mp3 player that had a (really bad) camera on it, and started taking photos of the very rarely sighted exotic cars in the Harrisburg area around 2012. This photo is what started the obsession.



The next big step was getting gifted a Canon T6 for Christmas in 2016, and that's when it all really started. Going to car meets and shows started becoming a regular weekend occurrence, networking and getting to know people that shared the same interests. This eventually led to word of his work getting around and private photoshoots being planned regularly, his portfolio exploded.


As the network of contacts and friends grew, the work got bigger and better. With a little luck, and being in the right time and place, an epic partnership began unexpectedly with Alex and the popular YouTuber "StreetSpeed717". Mike, at the time, had just below half a million subscribers on his platform, and today has well over a million. Being prepared with business cards, social media, and a website makes you look official, even if you're still learning the basics. 

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