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10. Paul Rand, Elliot Noyes, and Charles Eames shaped the public perception of IBM through design by modernizing and really cleaning it up. Making it uniform, but also really creative and suggestive or interpretive almost was one of the most effective aspects. They were all problem solvers, Charles Eames says, “Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose”, so they were not only designers, but they were also researchers and teachers.

2. Primary material(s)

  1. Tupperware: Sturdy plastics

  2. Diamond Chair: Steel

  3. Bubble Lamp: Steel wire, polymer spray

  4. Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman: Molded plywood shells, tailored leather cushions mounted on a cast aluminum base

  5. Midwinter Tea Set: Ceramic

  6. Egg Chair: Polyurethane foam

  7. Lady Chair: Steel frame with poplar plywood armrests, padded in CFC-free polyurethane foam and polyester wadding

  8. Butterfly Stool: Maple or palisander wood

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2. Americans became aware of the style of Art Deco through many of the same pathways of entertainment or media we use today. Many forms of art, such as art exhibitions, magazines, museums, and even just regular TV. Art Deco really cleaned up the world of art and design, everything became more refined and sleeker, and it really launched us into the world of modern art that we see prominently today.

3. Named after the great Henry Ford, Fordism is really a term for the modern day economic and social systems that revolve around mass production and consumption. He was really the first to carry out true mass production on such a scale to so many people. Simplifying and cutting costs were the main focuses of Fordism, making things easier and cheaper to build. It was really a race to see how much work you could cut out of the manufacturing job.

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8. The Bauhaus was and still is one of the most influential schools to ever exist in the art world. They started a lot of the movements that developed into the world of art that we know and love today, such as the Arts and Crafts movement, Art Nouveau, and various others. The whole idea of the Bauhaus was to show that art could be functional and beautiful, but in a more modernized and refined way that the world hadn't seen yet. The students were really pushed to problem solve with their designs, something that I think is really important nowadays.

12. The Underground was basically a really good advertising campaign/project. To get more riders, bringing good design and things to look at and draw people to was a necessity. But not just posters, the whole design of the underground terminals and queues were redesigned so that people would be more comfortable and able to find things easier. Making information more readily available and more understandable was the key to simplifying the whole process of taking public transportation.

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