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Entry #10

1. Planned obsolescence and an extreme turnover rate was such a bizarre thing, I still think it is. I think it's crazy, stupid, and really kind of disrespectful to their buyers, but I get it, I totally understand why it's done. To get returning customers, it makes all of the sense in the world to create a product that people like, can use a lot, and will buy again when theirs doesn't work anymore. This comes with negative consequences unfortunately, people may not be able to afford to constantly be repairing or buying new versions of things that they need on a daily basis, so it really effects the lower class citizens.

5. For each item listed, what promise or promises does it symbolically fulfill about the postwar world of affluence? Some examples of these promises are: expendability, social status, technological progress, convenience, luxury, reward, individual fulfillment, social acceptance, beauty, progressive material improvement, independence, planned obsolescence, and comfort.

  1. Levittown Cape Cod: Individual fulfillment

  2. 1948 Cadillac: Luxury, personal fulfillment

  3. Barcalounger: Technological advancements, comfort

  4. The New Look: Beauty, luxury

  5. Phonograph: Convenience, Technological advancements

  6. Kelvinator appliances: Technological advancements,

  7. Heller Hostess ware: Expendability, convenience

  8. Betty Crocker baking mixes: Convenience, individual fulfillment

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