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Entry #11

5. The national park brochures at the time in the 1960's were a thing of vintage beauty. I wish I could have a stack of them because the design is just so unique and cool. With a focus on the majority of the cover being geared towards photography and scenery, the simplistic words normally at the top of the page can really show an evolving of the use of typography. Everything was very clean and organized, very nice earthly colors, and flowing text that seemed to fit the scene so perfectly.

9. It's the future. Things that, probably, ten years ago nobody could have even imagined looking like this, this is the start of the insane exponential growth in technology that we know (and definitely love) today. It's like when your favorite thing you've been using for years and years gets a refresh and you can finally throw that old thing out and it's a fresh start, that's what this is, and it looks so good. They want you to look at your lifestyle now, the one that probably isn't so bright and cheerful and new, and then see what it could be if they updated. They're putting this reality of fresh and futuristic design out of the things people already know and love, just better.

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