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Entry #13

6. The Tartar table, by Ettore Sottassas, couldn't be any more different than the Work Cabinet by Gustav Stickley. It's almost as the entire reason that they were built is completely different, even though they are both technically tables, in a way. The Tartar Table is meant to be looked at with an open mind, taking in all the beauty and gorgeous, bright colors of the perfect shapes sprawling out. Whereas the Work Cabinet is meant to be a functional piece that can fit in any normal persons house and not look out of place at the time, although still very modern for this section of time, just less ornate and showy. The two pieces completely contradict each other, neither share any resemblance beside their function of being a table.

The Tartar table, by Ettore Sottassas

Work Cabinet by Gustav Stickley

14-15. Rapid prototyping, small batch production, miniaturization, and digital technology has absolutely changed the game in the modern world of design and development. Like never before, we can see things visually before they even "exist" to a degree never seen before. Designers can save endless amounts of clients time because they can show digital mockups to them from across the planet if needed, all from an email, all while cutting costs for traveling and physical mockups. All of these things have changed how the whole world works, speed, efficiency, and overall levels of production, and its never going to stop, and will only ever get better and MORE efficient as time goes on and technology gets faster.

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