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Entry #3

1. To me, when I look at the furniture in chapter 3, it looks like it's "finding itself". It's this weird in-between period where its super ornate and stylish, but it's also really awkward and not exactly... practical or efficient. While some of the individual parts are absolutely beautiful and flow-y, as a whole, it's just too much. I am sure these designs had people falling in love with this new era of furniture, and then probably realizing years down the line that it's just too much.

7. The whole point of The Great Exhibition was to show everyone that technology and improving it was the key to a better future for everyone. Queen Victoria's Husband, Prince Albert and Henry Cole were the ones that were really pushing this whole thing along to the general public. Primarily, the type of thing that were being shown were weapons like revolvers, a type of fax machine, and various other revolutionizing "tech". It was all to symbolize that a better, easier, more convenient time was coming. All of these things, now being in the public eye, would continue to be developed. I really would've enjoyed seeing all of the weapons, while it would probably be a bit intimidating at the time, it would be on of the most revolutionary of all.

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