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Entry #5

1. The Arts and Crafts movement was really focused on simplicity and the beauty of it. The top tier craftsmanship was also very prominent in the works. "Art for art's sake" is what the aesthetic movement was dubbed. To me, it felt like more of a revolt, artists were tired of being forced to conform. The use of symbols was also very strong.

#4. Not only did Tiffany and Co. have a major influence in shaping Aesthetic taste, but they also brought the world of fine jewelry to the US for the first time. The amount of "firsts" the company has in New York, is astounding. The simplicity and cleanliness of the company and their design is one of the biggest reasons that people recognize and love them even today, almost 200 years later. Everyone knows and can recognize the little blue box with Tiffany and Co on it, it's instantly recognizable.

"While many jewelry stores accepted payment on credit, for Tiffany it was cash only. In doing so, Tiffany further branded itself as a classy jewelry store that wouldn’t settle for anything less than the high price it demanded for its items." - Forbes

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