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Entry #7

8. The Bauhaus was and still is one of the most influential schools to ever exist in the art world. They started a lot of the movements that developed into the world of art that we know and love today, such as the Arts and Crafts movement, Art Nouveau, and various others. The whole idea of the Bauhaus was to show that art could be functional and beautiful, but in a more modernized and refined way that the world hadn't seen yet. The students were really pushed to problem solve with their designs, something that I think is really important nowadays.

12. The Underground was basically a really good advertising campaign/project. To get more riders, bringing good design and things to look at and draw people to was a necessity. But not just posters, the whole design of the underground terminals and queues were redesigned so that people would be more comfortable and able to find things easier. Making information more readily available and more understandable was the key to simplifying the whole process of taking public transportation.

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