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The Waddesdon Bequest


The regal feeling of being in the original placement with all of these gorgeous art pieces would have made me feel like I was part of some sort of royal family or something. I think they absolutely belong and should be viewed as a set with all the pieces displayed, it makes it a much more shimmering and fancy display having them all tied together. Seeing each item one by one just wouldn't have the same feeling of "wow" opposed to seeing all of this beautiful gold together.

How did goods produced for the French kings embody prestige?


As in todays world, there is controversy about the 1% buying extremely lavish items such as Lamborghini's or Ferrari's, when their really isn't a huge need for them other than for them to have fun. But the reality is that they're still helping the economy and countless families by buying these moving, functional art pieces. It really is the same back then, I'm sure that the tradesmen were payed well for their creations for the kings of the time, and the recognition they got will live even longer then they will.

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